Products provides comprehensive solutions that include the design and manufacture of wiring harnesses for the automotive industry, in addition to services necessary for their developmenttheir supplies and their implementation.  

 And here is a list of cabling systems we supply : 

Motors and wiring cables batteries.

Wiring front and rear cockpits.

Wiring dashboards.

Wiring doors. ​

Wiring for the electronics industry. ​

Wiring for appliances and the medical sector. services are also designed for

railway industries
household appliances and other uses.
They are made according to customer specification items or according to specific functional diagrams.

These services are linked to a number of benefits included as examples :

Product development with customers.
The organisation and participation in the design for manufacturing workshops. managed to establish a perfect reputation in manufacturing of wiring harnesses and continues its program to mobilise its own efforts to deploy some solutions and services of a higher level of qualitycompetitivenessresponsiveness, and original invention which are the basic principles that we value greatly. 


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