Since its creation ICeM.tn was dedicated in improving the quality of its products and the satisfaction of its clients. Its commitment has allowed it to significantly improve its monitoring indicators  

ICeM.tn is convinced that sustainability and prosperity lie in the continuous improvement of its performance as well as in the quality of its products and services that Leads it to put the customer at the center of these concerns. In order to lift the present and future challenges, ICeM.tn has a quality approach oriented towards the following areas: 

Increasing the satisfaction of its customers

Keeping your Clients.

Developing skills and qualifications.

Compressing the costs.

Increasing the efficiency.

Having new market.

ICeM.tn has been establishing a culture of excellence forming part of the unlimited pursuit of perfection in the operating methods in order to achieve perfect results in relation to the qualitycost and deadlines for services provided in a single goal, namely the total satisfaction of every whim of our customers. This requirement is included in the priorities and the basic principles of our company. 

Implementation rate of investment actions : Target: 90% | Total: 135% 

Achievement rate of the strategic objectives : Target: 80% | Total: 60% 

We provide a considerable effort in research and development in order to be recognised by automobile manufacturers as a first class supplier and developer offering our customers products and services based on quality, speed and innovation. 

  • ICeM.tn Zaouiet Djedidi Route de Grombalia – Beni Khalled c.p 8099​
  • +216 72 373 568
  • contact@icem-tn.com