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Culture of the company

ICeM.tn has been establishing a culture of excellence forming part of the unlimited pursuit of perfection in the operating methods in order to achieve perfect results in relation to the qualitycost and deadlines for services provided in a single goal, namely the total satisfaction of every whim of our customers. This requirement is included in the priorities and the basic principles of our company. 


We aim to be recognised as an international company that has within its operation a culture of excellence that applies all the rules of good governance and is part of the best suppliers of products and services in the field of automotive wiring worldwide. Our method to achieve this is to develop the turnover and market share still with a certainly sufficient profitability, and providing our customers with products and services that respect the environment and safety regulationsproviding high quality, and can be both competitive and diversified

We want to constantly improve our skills and performance while saving up the costs of raw materialstrying to achieve common goals, working on the basic principles listed above and by putting in place a management system based on best practices and which aims to achieve the complete satisfaction of our customers. 


Developing our turnover and our market shares with sufficient profitability by providing products and high quality services, competitivediversified, in perfect harmony with the environment and respecting the safety rules. Our mission will be accomplished by continuously improving  our  skills and performance, eliminating constantly all forms of wasteapplying our basic principlesfocusing all efforts towards common goals and implementing a management system based on best practical and oriented to the total satisfaction of our customers. 

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