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ICeM.tn is a specialized company confirmed in the design and manufacture of electrical cables and harnesses for vehicles (light, medium and heavy)

It has crossed the stage of evolution and technological development in order to face the current economic situation in the automotive industry which is characterised by competitivity and the daily profound changes despite the stagnation of traditional markets that lasts for years and increased cost of raw materials and the energy.

The excellent adaptability and innovation in the automotive industry for years has demonstrated the changes that were at first impossible to cross, are overcome with perfection. The automotive industry will certainly meet all these challenges that come with products and comprehensive services, innovative and competitive.

Our primary goal is to always be alongside our Clients, supporting and carers in all stages with intense innovation activity and an acute awareness of the need for improvement.

To achieve total customer satisfaction, we are committed to pursue permanently the operational perfection of the means of mastering better practices, with respect for the rules of good management, our culture of excellence and mostly our basic principles.


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